Andreas Wittig

AWS and DevOps enthusiast. Author of Amazon Web Services in Action. Co-Founder of widdix. Building a timeseries database as a service.

My first cloud project

As a software engineer my goal is to get feedback from customers and users as fast as possible and adopt to their needs as quickly as possible. Doing so requires to be able to control the process from the ideas and requirements of your customers and users to written, tested and documented software.

But if you are not in control of the infrastructure your applications are running on, doing so is nearly impossible. Getting feedback from your application in realtime is not possible as someone else monitors and operates your application. And making changes to the infrastructure is too hard if you are not in charge and control.

This is why I started to use Amazon Web Services three years ago as well as building a DevOps spirit within the team.

Today AWS published a case study about Tullius Walden, my first cloud project.